Chain Store Age: Experts Weigh in on Kmart Breach

October 14, 2014


Another retail data breach has swept the country, leaving consumers confused and worried. Industry experts, however, seem frankly unsurprised. With hackers not only becoming more advanced but many retailers not putting the right protection in place, the consensus seems to be that he only solution is change.

Retail magazine, Chain Store Age, recently sat down with a few of these industry experts to get their take on the Kmart breach. One of the experts interviewed was CardConnect CEO, Jeff Shanahan:

“Businesses simply cannot handle raw credit card data. Unfortunately, the majority of them are protecting sensitive information with what hackers see as an unlocked fence. It’s time to put the locks in place, which means an upgrade to malware-resistant point-of-sale terminals that encrypt and tokenize all credit card data from the moment customers swipe their cards. The key is for a business to remove all real touch points with actual card numbers, thus safeguarding its customers in the event of an attack.”
Jeff Shanahan, CEO of CardConnect

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