Insightics + CardConnect

Business insights made simple

See your business in an entirely different light with Insightics

Insightics uses your payment data to produce valuable insights about your customers and sales while comparing your data to similar businesses in your area. In addition to receiving in depth information about your customers, sales and other similar businesses, Insightics will provide you with personalized recommendations for new business strategies that are tailored to your individual needs.



Tangible results

Insightics walks you through the impact that your marketing efforts have made thus far on your business, and provides personalized business insights to advance your future efforts.

Map your world

Learn where your customers live and shop so that you can better target them and see where you might open new locations and expand advertising efforts.

Find your ideal marketing targets

Use Insightics’ custom consumer profiles to effectively target the most appropriate audience for your marking efforts. Insightics segments these profiles into categories such as location, highest spenders and most loyal customers.

Add more benefits with Clover

If you have a Clover Station, Insightics can do even more for you. Receive product trends and inventory recommendations on what to order and when. Each transaction is tied to a specific customer, so you know who’s shopping with you and what they purchase.

Set Up

What set up?

Insightics works with any point-of-sale terminal or system with no set up required! All you have to do is log in from your computer or smartphone, and Insightics will take it from there.

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