CardConnect for SAP

Integrate CardConnect with SAP and make payments within your SAP system simple, secure, and 100% PCI compliant—effortlessly

Enhance your SAP ECC Experience

CardSecure is an SAP-certified payment solution that saves your business time and accelerates cash receipts, while keeping all of your sensitive data completely secure.



Legacy Data Conversion

Already have credit card or social security numbers stored in your SAP system? Not a problem. We’ll replace your sensitive data with secure tokens to remove SAP from the PCI compliance scope and get you on your way to an audit-free existence.

Reduced Transaction Fees

CardConnect’s SAP-Certified Gateway connects SAP to the banking system, allowing you to safely and smoothly process all transactions, automatically including Level II and Level III payment data to ensure the best interchange rate every time.

Real-Time Reporting

Access SAP side-reports that monitor real-time authorization and transactional data for financial reporting and fraud tracking—regardless of payment channel. View transaction details, verify voids and returns, and get a glimpse of all your payment activity.

Automated Reconciliation

Process returns and voids instantly. Automatically reconcile deposit detail from the bank to match deposits to open receipts and post GL entries. Any discrepancies will be red-flagged to ensure accuracy and follow up.

Billing Plans

If you have customers with a subscription or a regularly recurring invoice, you can schedule custom billing plans with recurring invoices to ensure a payment is never missed. Your customers will welcome the convenience.

Patented Tokenization

After encryption, sensitive data is tokenized before being stored in our off-site Vault. Our tokens are mathematically irreversible and “intelligent”, meaning they will pass the data integrity checks like the Luhn test.

What Our Clients Say

“With its CardSecure desktop tokenizer and impressive integration capabilities, CardConnect is the perfect fit for enhancing the security of our payment processing. On top of that, CardConnect’s Interchange Optimization made sure we eliminated unnecessary payment processing costs. As a company that is approaching $1 billion in yearly revenue, that quantifiable cost-reduction was significant, to say the least.”

Centric Group, CIO