Fraud Prevention

Fraud occurs in different ways
CardSecure® defends against them all

Chargebacks are on the rise

With the rising frequency of breaches targeting credit cards, fraud prevention is essential. CardSecure offers the necessary tools to truly authenticate card-not-present transactions.


Prevent Online Fraud

Experts predict that the October 2015 EMV deadline will result in an increase in fraudulent card-not-present transactions. Prepare your online store by enabling CardSecure’s Fraud Prevention tools.

Lower Interchange Rates

3-D Secure shifts fraud liability from the merchant to the consumer and can lower interchange fees up to 50 basis points per transaction.

Custom Settings

Fraud Scoring and 3-D Secure give you the power to customize settings and thresholds for approvals or declines. If purchases from a certain geo-location resulted in fraud, restrict it using the rules engine.

Reduce Chargebacks

The loss of inventory and revenue due to chargebacks can have a significant impact on the bottom line. With businesses losing a reported 60% of contested chargeback claims, proactive fraud prevention is a must.