CardConnect’s suite of security solutions that removes the risk of storing and transmitting sensitive data

Protect Your Data

With hackers more sophisticated than ever, encryption is no longer a reliable option for data protection. CardSecure® elevates payment security to a new level by combining Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) with a patented tokenization process and PCI-certified vault storage.



Data Breach Protection

CardSecure provides true protection from malicious cyber attacks, including POS-related malware and network intrusions.

PII Tokenization

Beyond securing payment card information, CardSecure’s tokenization accommodates all types of sensitive data – from Social Security numbers to health records and more.

PCI Reduction

With P2PE and tokenization, the burden of compliance is reduced to its lowest level – removing at least 300 questions and all scans or tests from PCI requirements.

Seamless Integration

CardSecure offers an API for easy integration to your existing applications, along with native connections to Oracle EBS, SAP and other popular ERP and accounting systems.

Omni-Channel Security

CardSecure delivers the same level of protection across all sales channels, including transactions from the web, a call center, in-store terminal, or mobile device.

Data Conversion

Already have sensitive data stored in your system? CardSecure will convert all of your remaining payment information and Social Security numbers into secure tokens before storing them in our safe, off-site vault.

What Our Clients Say

“Centric Group is an organization that has always made data security and compliance a high priority. With its CardSecure desktop tokenizer and impressive Oracle integration capabilities, CardConnect was the perfect fit for enhancing the security of our payment processing. On top of that, CardConnect’s Interchange Optimization made sure we eliminated unnecessary payment processing costs. As a company that is approaching $1 billion in yearly revenue, that quantifiable cost-reduction was significant to say the least.”
Centric Group, CIO

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