Tokenization for Personally Identifiable Info (PII)

CardConnect tokenizes all types of sensitive information at the point of entry. All tokens are randomly generated, making them impossible to decrypt.

Protect your Clients

With the rising frequency of breaches, fraud prevention is essential. CardConnect tokenizes your customers’ sensitive information and secures the data in an offsite vault, eliminating the risk that comes with transmitting and storing PII data.



Patented Tokens

CardConnect has conducted extensive research to create the most secure and functional token possible—they’re completely irreversible, pass integrity tests, function across all sales channels and they never expire.

Customer Vault

CardConnect creates secure profile records for each of your customers. These profiles will never directly touch your system unencrypted and are tokenized and stored in our 100% PCI compliant environment.

Ultimate Protection

Upon PII input, sensitive data undergoes instant tokenization. In the event of a breach, no sensitive data will be accessible to hackers.

Expert Support

Whether it’s assistance during the initial integration period or long-term technical support, CardConnect has PII security experts that your team can always rely on.

Learn More About CardConnect’s Tokenization

Our tokenized solution is proven to work seamlessly in a variety of environments, including those specific to gaming, education and healthcare. Click below to learn more about these solutions.