CardSecure® P2PE

The only solution for full data breach protection and eliminating the burden of PCI compliance

Point-to-Point Encryption by CardConnect

CardSecure® P2PE is a patented solution that instantly encrypts and tokenizes cardholder data



CardSecure P2PE is the only way to truly protect in-store and call center transactions.

Malware Resistant

CardSecure P2PE devices are malware-resistant. If compromised, the device is immediately disabled, stopping an attack before any damage takes place.

Call Center PANpad

The PANpad, a USB-connected P2PE device, provides the only solution for removing call center workstations and keyboards from PCI compliance scope.

Seamless Integration

CardConnect offers native extensions to popular applications like Oracle and SAP. Businesses can also use our APIs to create their own integrations.


What Our Clients Say

“With CardConnect’s patented tokenization, businesses can greatly reduce the challenges they encounter with PCI compliance for all transactions – both card-present and card-not-present. The solution consists of a CardSecure P2PE device connected to a software application, such as Oracle, SAP or CardConnect’s Virtual Terminal. Only P2PE certified vendors like CardConnect can deliver this unparalleled level of payment security.”
Director, Enterprise Sales at SecurityMetrics