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CardConnect Wins SmartCEO’s Future 50 Award!

CardConnect is pleased to share that we were featured as one of SmartCEO’s Future 50 award winners for 2015! The Future 50 Awards recognize 50 fast-growing, mid-size companies in the region. From SmartCEO: Growth Credited to Transparency As a leading

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SmartCEO: CardConnect CEO Jeff Shanahan featured

By Samantha Drake Photography by Mitro Hood During the height of the December 2013 holiday shopping season, Target Corp. admitted a massive data breach had occurred, exposing the personal information of 40 million customers who had used their credit and

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CIO Magazine: Is EMV the Silver Bullet to Credit Card Fraud?

Your holiday shopping experience will be different next year — at least in how you pay. By October 2015, most retailers in the U.S. will have switched to accepting EMV (EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, and is already

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FierceWireless: Apple Pay rival MCX open to using NFC technology in the future

The Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) is willing to use Near Field Communications technology like its rivals, its CEO said. MCX is a consortium of some of the country’s largest retailers that is setting up a mobile payments program that will stand as

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SecurityWeek: Tokenization: Benefits and Challenges for Securing Transaction Data

How Tokenization Can be Used for Securing Payment Card Transactions and Data Over the summer, representatives of the merchant community called upon all stakeholders in the payments industry to work together on establishing open and efficient standards to protect consumers

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Wal-Mart and allies in face-off with Apple Pay over mobile payments

Oct 29 (Reuters) – Suddenly it’s Apple versus Wal-Mart in the fight for shoppers’ digital wallets. With the development of a new mobile payment system, a group of retailers led by Wal-Mart Stores is aiming to upend the $4.5 trillion

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FierceRetail: Data breaches – Will retailers step-up their game?

At this point the “data breach” headline is borderline yawn-inducing, but it doesn’t mean consumers aren’t noticing. It may not result in an all-out boycott, but most people are feeling wary of breached stores. But what is actually causing this

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SC Magazine: Kmart Breach Likely Exposed Payment Card Data

It’s not official yet, but it’s not looking good. All signs point to exposed credit card data in the recent Kmart breach, and the Secret Service is still investigating. CardConnect CEO, Jeff Shanahan, and other industry experts weighed in with

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SecurityWeek: Protecting Point-of-Sale Devices in the Face of Attacks

It seems like more security breaches are popping up every day, and the media is taking notice. Many of these breaches have been the result of compromised point-of-sale systems. Our chief security officer, Rush Taggart, recently spoke to SecurityWeek about

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Chain Store Age: Experts Weigh in on Kmart Breach

Another retail data breach has swept the country, leaving consumers confused and worried. Industry experts, however, seem frankly unsurprised. With hackers not only becoming more advanced but many retailers not putting the right protection in place, the consensus seems to

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