Complete ERP and Security Solutions

CardConnect offers best-in-class ERP solutions for businesses using Oracle EBS, SAP, and everything in between.


Dependable payment processing

For over a decade, CardConnect has been building the best in ERP security technology for the payments industry.




Our payment gateway connects your ERP to the banking system, allowing you to safely and smoothly process all transactions.


Save your finance department time and ensure accuracy when you automate the reconciliation of card-to-receipts with an expedited process that takes just minutes instead of hours.

Account Updater

Cards get lost, stolen and expire and sometimes customers may forget to let you know. Increase customer retention with an account updater that will keep you in the know if any of your customer’s card information changes–from card number to address.

Interchange Optimization

Not only is our gateway certified on all major processing platforms, but it also effectively lowers your transaction costs by optimizing interchange rates through features like Level II/III data and 3-D Secure.


PCI Compliance

Maintaining PCI compliance can be expensive and time consuming. CardConnect makes it simple while keeping costs low by removing your ERP system from the scope of PCI compliance.


When you process with CardConnect, all your customer data will be converted into mathematically irreversible tokens. This means no unencrypted card data is stored on your system, so if a breach ever occurs, your customer’s cards are safe.


Your data will be stored in our ulta-secure, off-site, PCI compliant vault so you can rest assured your most sensitive information is safe and sound.

Data Conversion

In addition to protecting the card number we process, we’ll also sanitize your existing system of sensitive data and convert it to secure tokens.

Point of Sale


There is no better protection against malware and other attacks than CardSecure P2PE. Our security solution is integrated with a variety of terminals – including popular models from Ingenico.  


We make it extremely simple to tokenize payment information in an e-commerce setting. While our security solution is completely invisible to the customer, it takes your entire website out of PCI scope. 


Need to accept mobile payments? You can easily integrate secure payment acceptance into your corporate sales app, or use our out-of-the-box solution – CardConnect Mobile.

Order Entry

Ensure your MOTO orders and call center are properly protected with our award-winning PANpad featuring point-to-point-encryption and tokenization.