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Tools Built For You

Reporting System

CardConnect simplifies reporting by providing an easily digestible look at your monthly residual. Our reporting system is customizable based on your reporting needs.

Ticketing Center

Keep customers happy when you issue customer service inquiries through our automated ticketing center, and get your customers’ issues addressed in a timely manner.

Private Labeling

Love the functionality that CoPilot offers but still want to preserve your brand? We’ll work with you to customize the look of CoPilot with your company name, logos, and colors.

CardConnect Gateway

Attract fast-paced tech companies with an easy-to-integrate API that brings powerful payment features to any application.

CardConnect Brand Center

Access logos, templates, presentations, case studies and white papers with just a few clicks in our fully stocked marketing portal.

Risk Monitoring

View chargebacks, losses and ACH rejects in an easy-to-track module. Plus, CardConnect has an entire team focused solely on collection of unpaid fees.

CardConnect University

We host a weekly webinar series that covers new products, partner offerings, trends in the payments industry, and sales strategies followed by a Q&A. A full archive puts past recordings and presentation slides at your fingerprints.

Personalized Support

Your dedicated Agent Relationship Manager will foster your growth at CardConnect by helping you navigate CardConnect’s operational guidelines and systems, along with providing industry expertise.

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