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The Hidden Costs of Stripe and PayPal

We’ve received quite a few questions recently regarding how CardConnect is different than processors like PayPal (who also owns Braintree) and Stripe, so I thought it would be a timely topic for a blog post. The biggest difference comes down

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Using a Custom .jar File in Your Java Concurrent Program

Remember when I said I’d cover custom .jar files?  Here it is: my follow-up to creating your first Java Concurrent program. In the previous post, we covered all the steps necessary to create, compile, deploy and run a Java Concurrent

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4 Steps to Writing Your First Java Concurrent Program

Writing your first Java Concurrent Program can be intimidating.  You could probably accomplish the same result using a combination of UNIX shell scripting, SQL and PL/SQL, right?  But when an opportunity arose recently for me to embed REST API calls

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