Merchant Center V 1.5 is here!

March 9, 2015


CardConnect is excited to announce new features and enhancements for the Merchant Center!

Recurring billing made simple

Finally, it’s easy to create billing plans in intervals of days, weeks, months and years. You can also base your billing plan on cancellation, date, or number of payments. We’ve also included a new option to email receipts to your customers!


Order new hardware hassle-free

Need a new swiper? An additional POS system? A key pad for phone orders? No problem! Order them directly from the Merchant Center and we’ll have them at your door ASAP.


Kount, 3-D Secure, and DonorPro are here!

Kount: Utilize Kount’s proprietary persona technology to stop fraud in its tracks before you risk authorizing an illegal purchase. Plus, manual behavior reviews add an extra level of security your customers will appreciate.

3-D Secure: Further reduce your interchange rate and remove the burden of fraud responsibility from your company’s shoulders when you integrate 3-D Secure.

DonorPro: Non-profits can accept donations secure and increase their gifts by about 10x the nation average with DonorPro’s unique CRM.


Dashboard refresh

We’ve simplified the batch process and given the dashboard an enhanced, simplified design that updates after every settlement window. View funding trends from the past 5 days, and enjoy a greater emphasis on alerts so you never miss a thing.

New VT features

Add surcharges (percentages of the total) to any transaction, or disable PAN entry to ensure that your system only ever receives tokens—keeping your system completely outside the scope of PCI compliance


Enhanced chargeback reporting

We’ve tied chargebacks to their individual transactions to allow for greater transparency.

Added user permission

Users can now be granted permissions for “Verify”, “Authorize Only”, and “Billing Plans” to give you greater control over what your users can and cannot access.

Receipt signature line

We’ve added a signature line option for your receipts and have a compatible receipt printer in production.

Create a profile from a transaction

Store a customer profile based on any transaction—from CardConnect Mobile to integrated shopping carts or other API connections. You can also easily configure billing plans and save payment details for future transactions


Questions about the new Merchant Center enchancements? Drop us a line at and we’ll be in touch.