Wouldn't it be nice if your business technology was as easy to use as your personal technology?

Clover is.

Clover is an all-in-one system with custom hardware designed specifically for POS, software that helps you run your business better, and a merchant account that offers some of the best rates in the business.

Dedicated hardware that performs as good as it looks
Whether you're looking for a countertop unit or a mobile POS, Clover has integrated solutions designed specifically for point of sale. After all, it's not enough for your device to look good – it needs to stand up to thousands of transactions, safely and securely.


Our cloud-based system means you can manage this information from your Clover
or from your own computer - no need to be in the store.

(Think about that: some of our merchants tell us they've finally been able to take their first vacation in years!)

2000 Service Plan

Devices: Clover Mini, Clover Mobile

Get all the capabilities of a standard credit card terminal, plus more, including:

Accept credit and debit cards

Includes support for EMV and Apple Pay


Manage tips, tabs, and authorizations

Closeout reporting

Cloud syncing

Optional employee permissions

Pro Service Plan

Devices: Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Station

This service plan includes all of the capabilities of the 2000 Service Plan:

Plus additional features that make it easier to keep track of item-level sales and manage your payments:

Accept cash and checks

Ring up orders

Charge tax

Apply discounts

Create items

Manage customers

Personalize your Clover

To make your Clover work even harder for you, check out the Clover App Market. Find solutions such as loyalty programs, accounting integrations, data analytics, and more.

Reports to give you insight into your business

Access reports on your device or remotely via our web-based merchant dashboard. Spend less time in your store and more time at home… or in Hawaii, if that's your thing.

View cash and credit totals for the day, show receipts by employee, review discounts and refunds, and export to Excel.

File and manage existing orders, reopen saved orders, reprint receipts, process refunds and exchanges, and view orders by employee.


Already have a merchant account?

All Clover payments are processed through First Data, the world's largest credit card processor. If you have a current merchant account that you'd like to keep, check with your merchant services provider to see if they sell Clover.

Need a merchant account?

Need a new merchant account? Check with your bank or see Where to Buy for your options. We've partnered with over 3000 financial institutions and small business service providers to give you lots of options when it comes to getting a Clover.

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