Clover® + Apple Pay.


Clover enables small businesses to accept both In-Person and In-App payments for Apple Pay.

In-Person payments let customers simply tap their iPhone to pay at the point-of-sale, and In-App payments will transform how your customers interact and transact with your business.

In-Person Payments

All Clover devices can accept iPhone 6 In-Person payments. The Clover Station requires the optional FD-40 PIN pad accessory to do so whereas Clover Mobile and Clover Mini have contactless payment acceptance built right in. Customers simply tap their iPhone 6 near the device to pay with the credit card they registered with Apple Pay. Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, and the FD-40 are all fully EMV compliant for both chip cards and contactless cards, which helps you prepare for the October 2015 liability shift that incentivizes merchants to accept EMV chip cards.

In-App Payments

iPhone 6 In-App payments will transform how consumers can interact and transact with your restaurant or retail shop. Consumers will be able to order and pay at the table, order ahead, and self-checkout. Learn how a local beer garden owner customized our app to serve more customers with the same staff. Want to know the nitty-gritty details behind how this works? Check out the Clover developer blog post.


iPhone 6 In-App payments represents a tectonic shift for developers: for the first time ever, payments is a platform service in an operating system. It will enable you to build applications that allow your users to order and buy things at brick-and-mortar merchants without having to create an account, put a card on file, and operate a payment service provider. The customer simply hits "Pay" and the payment will be processed directly into the merchant's existing merchant processing account.

We're incredibly excited to enable all Clover merchants for In-App payments. This will be coming soon. To prepare, you can add In-App payments to your iOS app with the First Data Payeezy SDK, which works in conjunction with the iOS In-App payments APIs.

Interested in more technical details about Clover + Apple Pay? See the Clover Developers blog post.