CardConnect for Oracle

The Only Oracle-Validated Integration for Payments

Secure online payment processing

Integrate Oracle E-Business Suite with CardConnect and give your business the power to accept payments from any sales channel you choose—without the risk and liability of storing or transmitting credit card data.

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CardConnect complies with Oracle PCI standards and allows your company to enhance your existing Oracle EBS with patented security technology, automatic reconciliation, and more—without ever needing to alter your current system.

Instant Reconciliation on Returns

The ability to handle returns smoothly is invaluable. Provide your customers with the speed and convenience they deserve when you give your business the ability to authorize full and partial voids instantly.

Lower Transaction Fees, Guaranteed

Stop needlessly paying high transaction rates. With CardConnect for Oracle, your transactions will always include Level II and Level III data, ensuring you’re charged the best possible interchange rate every time.

Payment Scheduling

Do you have customers with subscription services and regularly recurring invoices? Simply set up automatic bill pay and give both your business and your customers the peace of mind of knowing they will never have to worry about missing another payment.

Data Conversion

No need to worry about the credit card data already stored on your Oracle system. CardSecure will take all of your sensitive data, encrypt it, and assign it a token before securing it in our off-site vault. You can rest assured that all of your data—new and old—is safe.

Account Updater

We’ve all been warned to expect more security breaches this year, and with that comes reassigned credit cards. Retain more customers when you gain the ability to automatically update expired and changed card numbers in Oracle using Account Updater.

Real-Time Payment Monitoring

Check up on the status of payments with custom reports and accurate-to-the-minute payment monitoring. View transaction details the moment they happen, verify voids and returns, and review the details of every payment.

What Our Clients Say

“Centric Group is an organization that has always made data security and compliance a high priority. With its CardSecure desktop tokenizer and impressive Oracle integration capabilities, CardConnect was the perfect fit for enhancing the security of our payment processing. On top of that, CardConnect’s Interchange Optimization made sure we eliminated unnecessary payment processing costs. As a company that is approaching $1 billion in yearly revenue, that quantifiable cost-reduction was significant, to say the least.”

Centric Group, CIO